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Dr. Audwin L. Anderson
Director, Center for Diversity & Gender Studies
Ph.D. from Texas A & M

Office: UAC 461
Phone: (512) 245-7606
E-Mail: aa04@txstate.edu

Specialization: Multicultural Relations, Sociology of Law, Theory


Ms. Gayle Gordon Bouzard

Gayle Gordon Bouzard
Masters from Texas State University
Masters from University of Minnesota

Office: UAC 449B
Phone: (512) 245-4468
E-Mail: gb12@txstate.edu

Specialization: Gender/Sexuality, Social Problems


Dr. Kyong Hee Chee
Ph.D. from Iowa State University

Office: UAC 468
Phone: (512) 245-4760
E-Mail: kc26@txstate.edu

 Specialization: Aging / Life Course, Family, Community Development


Dr. Susan B. Day

Dr. Matthew Clement
Office: UAC 459
Phone: (512) 245-6604
E-Mail: mtc73@txstate.edu



Dr. Susan B. Day

Dr. Susan B. Day
Ph.D. from University of Kansas

Office: UAC 472
Phone: (512) 245-1898
E-Mail: sd01@txstate.edu

 Specialization: Criminology, Deviance, Control


Ms. Lillian Dees

Lillian Dees
Masters from Texas State University

Office: UAC 447
Phone: (512) 245-2455
E-Mail: ld01@txstate.edu


Specialization: Family, Death & Dying, Aging


Dr. David Dietrich

Dr. David Dietrich
Office: UAC 470
Phone: (512) 245-8054 
E-Mail: dd34@txstate.edu

Specialization: Race and Ethnicity, Social Movements, Theory


Dr. Patti Giuffre

Dr. Patti Giuffre
Director of Graduate Programs
Ph.D. from University of Texas - Austin

Office: UAC 460
Phone: (512) 245-8983
E-Mail: pg07@txstate.edu

Specialization: Gender, Sexuality, Work and Occupations, Qualitative Methods


Dr. Deborah Harris

Ph.D. from Mississippi State University

Office: UAC 465
Phone: (512) 245-4547
Email: dh57@txstate.edu

Specialization: Stratification and Inequality, Sociology of Food, and Qualitative Methods

Ms. Lois Hickman

Lois Hickman
MAIS from Texas State University

Office: UAC 441
Phone: (512) 245-2476
E-Mail: lh21@txstate.edu

Specialization: Applied Sociology, Family Problems, Juvenile Delinquency


Dr. Chris Johnson

Dr. Chris Johnson
Ph.D. from Iowa State University

Office: UAC 444
Phone: (512) 245-5693
E-Mail: cjj38@txstate.edu

Specialization: Dementia Studies, Aging, Family and the Sociology of Religion


Dr. Seoyoun Kim

Dr. Seoyoun Kim
Office: UAC 463
Phone: (512) 245-7816
E-Mail: s_k182@txstate.edu



Dr. Joseph Kotarba

Dr. Joseph Kotarba
Ph.D from University of California - San Diego

Office: UAC 466
Phone: (512) 245-8905 
E-Mail: jk54@txstate.edu

Specialization: Culture, Health and illness, Social Theory, and Qualitative Methods

Lecturer Lisa Lamb

Lisa Lamb Weber
Masters from University of Texas at San Antonio

Office: E-Mail Correspondence Only 
Phone: (512) 245-2113
E-Mail: ll16@txstate.edu

Contact By Voicemail
Voicemail: (210) 367-8780

Specialization: Deviance, Substance Abuse, Race Relatlions


Dr. Debarun Majumdar

Dr. Debarun Majumdar
Ph.D. from Bowling Green State University

Office: UAC 473
Phone: (512) 245-2479
E-Mail: dm28@txstate.edu

Specialization: Quantitative Methodology, Adolescent Health, Demography

Dr. Gloria P. Martinez

Dr. Gloria P. Martinez
Ph.D. from The University of Michigan-Ann Arbor

Office: UAC 457
Phone: (512) 245-2470
E-mail: gm21@txstate.edu

Specialization: Medical Sociology, Gender, Multicultural Relations, Latino Sociology


 Ms. Kelly Mosel

Kelly Mosel-Talavera
M.A. from Texas State University

Office: UAC 449
Phone: (512) 245-2072
E-Mail: km33@txstate.edu

 Specialization: Applied Sociology



Kay Newling

Kay Newling
Office: UAC 442
Phone: (512) 245-1567
E-Mail: kaynewling@txstate.edu

Specialization: Statistics, Sports and Leisure


Mr. Mike Whitehawk

Colin Pierson
Office: UAC 443
Phone: (512) 245-1702
E-Mail: crp59@txstate.edu

Specialization: Quantitative Research, Evaluation Research, Social Policy, Health (Obesity, Health Markers, Genetics, Gene-Environment Interaction)

Dr. Nathan Pino
Ph.D. from Iowa State University

Office: UAC 456
Phone: (512) 245-8229
E-Mail: np11@txstate.edu

Specialization: Deviance, Delinquency, Criminology, Development

 Trinidad Blog 

Dr. Bob Price
Ph.D. from University of Texas - Austin

Office: UAC 455
Phone: (512) 245-3805 (please use e-mail instead)
E-Mail: bobprice@txstate.edu

Website: http://bobprice.wp.txstate.edu/

Specializations: Technology and Social Change, Urban Sociology, Political Sociology


Dr. Rachel Romero

Dr. Rachel Romero
Office: UAC 446
Phone: (512) 245-3035
E-Mail: r_r299@txstate.edu

Website: OfArtandRiddles.com

Specialization: Culture, Street Art and Graffiti, Social Theory, Qualitative Methods

Dr. Chad Smith

Dr. Chad L. Smith
Ph.D. from Washington State University

Office: UAC 449D
Phone: (512) 245-2113
E-mail: clsmith@txstate.edu

Specialization: Environmental Sociology, Social Inequality and Political Sociology.


Mr. Mike Whitehawk

Tina Villarreal
Office: UAC 442
Phone: (512) 245-2072
E-Mail: tv12@txstate.edu

Specialization: Applied Sociology Internships

Dr. Toni Watt
Ph.D. from University of Texas - Austin

Office: UAC 462
Phone: (512) 245-3287
E-Mail: tw15@txstate.edu

Specialization: Child/Adolescent Health, Foster Care, Mental Health, Integrated Behavioral Health Care, Evaluation


Mr. Mike Whitehawk

Mike Whitehawk
Office: UAC 448
Phone: (512) 245-4766
E-Mail: mw39@txstate.edu

Specialization: Introduction to Sociology, Criminology, Sociology of Disability

Dr. Jonathan Wivagg
Office: UAC 433
Phone: (512) 245-4766
E-Mail: jw47@txstate.edu

Specialization: Research Methodology, Survey Data Collection, Quantitative Analysis