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Courses and Syllabi

Department of Sociology Courses

For information on courses offered by the Department of Sociology please refer to the University Catalogs.

* Please note that not all courses are offered every semester.

Department of Sociology Syllabi

Please refer to the HB2504 website. You will find Sociology Courses under SOCI once you click the "Browse Courses" menu or you may "Browse Instuctors." 

HB2504 is:

This Web site provides useful information and demonstrates the university's commitment to accountability, transparency and open communication with students, parents, legislators, the public, and all stakeholders. On this Web site, you will easily find:


  1. for each undergraduate classroom course offered for credit by the institution, a syllabus and a curriculum vita for the instructor of record;
  2. for each academic department, a departmental budget report;
  3. for work-study employment opportunities, a link to current job openings