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Department News

Below you will find news from the Department of Sociology at Texas State. We also post news from around the department on our Facebook Page.

The Sociology Graduate Student Association organized a luncheon in April 2017.

Faculty and students also played "Cards Against Sociology!"  The SGSA was developed by a dedicated group of graduate students (Alexis Hinojosa, Danni Lopez-Rogina, Jasmine Johnson, Kami Rutherford, Katherine Casarez, Kelly Gourluck, Madison Tabersmith, Maggie Chamberlain, Meagan Lopez).  The SGSA provides Sociology Graduate Majors and Graduate Minors with a supportive cohort of individuals seeking professional development and socialization in the discipline. Composed of committees responsible for organizing events related to academic success, mentorship, professional development and socializing, the SGSA meets once a month during the long semesters with opportunities for smaller committee based event involvement occurring throughout the semester. The officers are: Jasmine Johnson (Academic Success), Jonathan Cronin (Events), Katherine Casarez (Mentorship), Kelly Gourluck (Professional Development), Madison Tabermith (Events), Maggie Chamberlain (Academic Success), and Mithun Asher (Treasurer).

Careers in Aging panel - April 2017

The department held a Careers in Aging panel in April 2017 with Marcus Mercer (MS in Dementia and Aging alum), Dr. Chris Johnson (Professor of Sociology), and Professor Todd MacKenzie (Assistant Clinical Professor, College of Health Professions).

Congratulations to our recent faculty award winners!

Dr. Gloria Martinez-Ramos has been recognized with the 2017 Outstanding Faculty Scholar Award from the Center for Diversity and Gender Studies from Texas State University.  Dr. Martinez-Ramos received this award for her outstanding research that focuses upon Latina/Latino health.

Congratulations to Dr. Martinez-Ramos for this outstanding achievement.

Dr. Gloria Martinez-Ramos recently received the Excellence in Diversity Faculty Award for 2016.  Additionally, Dr. Martinez-Ramos was awarded the Latino Stars Award from the Hispanic Policy Network for service to the Latino community of Texas State.  Congratulations to Dr. Martinez-Ramos for these outstanding honors and for her dedication to diversity in the Department of Sociology, Texas State University, and beyond.

On January 24, 2017, Dr. Patti Giuffre was awarded with the Mariel M. Muir Excellence in Mentoring Award for faculty.  She received the award from Dr. Denise Trauth, President of Texas State University.  The department congratulates Dr. Giuffre on this prestigious award and thanks her for her dedication to mentoring students and faculty in the Department of Sociology at Texas State.

Dear Sociology Students,

On behalf of the Department of Sociology I want to express our concern about recent events on campus that have included visual displays and verbal harassment against campus members based upon gender, race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, disability, and religion.  Our departmental mission affirms the core values and support for diversity that has previously been expressed by President Trauth.  The Department of Sociology welcomes and celebrates diversity as an Allies Safe Office on campus and as an entity that encourages diversity, in all its forms.  As a department, we will continue to cultivate and enhance our department’s commitment to diversity, which includes the free expression of all points of view, no matter how controversial such viewpoints may be.

Of equal importance is campus safety.  It is impossible to provide a completely safe and secure experience in an open university. However, the Department of Sociology is committed to creating a safe environment for the free exchange of ideas.  This means that all perspectives are welcome.  It also means that any type of assault or harassment, whether verbal, physical, or emotional, will be reported to the proper channels consistent with the university’s Code of Conduct on discrimination, harassment, sexual misconduct, and denial of civil rights.  If you experience such an incident, please report it to a faculty member or to me. 

Should you be affected by the recent events on campus please know that the Counseling Center and the Office of Student Diversity and Inclusion are excellent resources. 

The Department of Sociology is compelled to comment on this situation because the core research and teaching areas in sociology include multiculturalism, diversity, and inequalities.  Our faculty remain dedicated to these topics and their application in everyday life.

Chad L. Smith

Professor and Chair

Department of Sociology
Texas State University

The Department of Sociology is pleased to announce the launch of the MA/MS program in Sustainability Studies

The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board officially approved the new degree programs, which are slated to begin in the fall 2016 semester. Although housed in Sociology, the degree is an interdisciplinary program developed by faculty from across the university, including Biology, Family and Consumer Sciences, Geography, Philosophy, Political Science, and Sociology. 

If you have questions about the new degree please contact Dr. Patti Giuffre (, Director of Graduate Programs in the Department of Sociology

MS in Dementia and Aging featured in Hillviews!

New Sustainability Studies Program approved by the Board of Regents

Alyssa Garza, Sociology alumna, featured in recent Hillviews

Alyssa Garza

"Alyssa Garza, a graduate student with a bachelor’s degree in sociology, has been active with Centro San Marcos, a cultural community center. Garza says that being a College Knowledge tour guide has helped her to better understand the educational gaps that exist, especially in low-income areas."

Read Alyssa's interview on Page 8 of Hillviews under "Bobcats Give Back!"

Grad School Information Workshop

Information Workshop
Robby Sanchez, Madison Tabersmith, Paul Kappler, Lindy Knowles, and Kami Rutherford
Information Workshop

Taking the Heat: Women Chefs and Gender Inequality in the Professional Kitchen by Dr. Deborah A. Harris & Dr. Patti Giuffre In the Press


"Taking the Heat: Is Foodie Culture Making Room for Female Chefs?" NPR's The Salt

“Taking the Heat: Women Chefs and Gender Inequality in the Professional Kitchen,” Heritage Radio Network, “Eat Your Words” Episode 236,  July 19, 2015,


“Women Chefs & Gender Inequality in the Kitchen.” HR Hammer.


“Changing the Boys’ Club” by  Katie Fanuko. FoodService Director magazine. Aug. 15, 2015.


“Are Female Chefs the Key to Happier Kitchens” by Addie Broyles. The Austin American-Statesman. Sept. 1, 2015.


The  M.S. in Dementia and Aging Studies degree (MSDA) is a 33-hour online degree. It is interdisciplinary (with courses from Sociology, Long Term Care, Social Work, and Communication Disorders) and housed in the sociology department. Successfully completing the MSDA will be useful for anyone who currently works or wants to work with the aged community, or conduct research on dementia and aging. This innovative program will produce graduates who can manage various communities, programs, agencies and organizations for the growing aging population, or conduct research on dementia, gerontology, and aging. According to the U.S. Census, the number of elderly has surpassed the number of teenagers for the first time ever in the United States. Because of this significant demographic change, there are more jobs available for people to help and work with elders, and a need for more scholarly research about aging and the aged.  The deadline for fall 2016 applications is July 15, 2016. However, we recommend that applicants complete their application in January 2016, if possible, in order to apply for early financial aid and graduate scholarships (scholarship applications are due 3/1/16).


If you have questions, please contact Dr. Patti Giuffre, Director of Graduate Programs in the Sociology department ( Visit our webpages on graduate programs and the Graduate College, for more information.