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Department of Sociology

an image depicting a sociology student

Make a difference - study Sociology!

It's not just a major; It's a movement.

Why Study Sociology?

Sociologists study society with the goal of creating a better world. As a Sociology major, you will have an opportunity to study popular culture, gender identity and sexuality, immigration, race/ethnicity, mental health and addiction, dementia and aging, criminology, sustainability, and many other topics. Students also develop the research and critical thinking skills needed to confront social problems, inequities, and unjust systems. Our award-winning faculty are actively engaged in this effort and eager to bring students into this important work. Sociology, and our department in particular, offers students a sense of shared purpose and the opportunity to make a contribution to our larger society.

“Taking a sociology course can be a very enlightening experience because it shows all of the different ways that humans are connected to one another despite living in such an individualist culture."
-Lea Mercado, Texas State student