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Alpha Kappa Delta - Honor Society of Sociology

Mission Statement

The purpose of Alpha Kappa Delta is to seek to acknowledge and promote excellence in the scholarship in the study of sociology, the research of social problems, and such other social and intellectual activities as will lead to improvement in the human condition.

Membership is open to undergraduate students, graduate students, and faculty members from active chapters who meet our minimum standards. Currently, there are more than 130,000 members in Alpha Kappa Delta and over 670 chapters.

AKD 2022 Inductees

Hannah Louise Calame
Steven Todd Campbell
Marissa Yvette Carrizales
James William Chesnut
Sarah Gabrielle Dunton
Heather Autumn Easterling
Autumn Michele Ford
Lisa R. Fournier
Anthony Michael Gable
Shae Marie Higgins
Collins Jefferson Huff
Cristina Monique Jardon
Kelly Lochman Jones
Tawny Marie Kramer
Molly Kathryn Lawrence
Emily Christine Mayhew
Grace Elizabeth McCleskey
Federico E. Montalvo
Faith Marie Norman
Nikki Marie Ondrus
Eric Pulido-Ceja
Marissa Ann Ruiz-Cerros
Juanita Elizabeth Sanchez
Selina Sandoval
Rebekah Joyce Streeter
Nicole Marie Vinton

an image of the AKD inductees and award winners

AKD Inductees and Award Winners

Undergraduate Alumni Award Winner

an image of Sasha Devore with Toni Watt
Sasha Devore

Graduate Alumni Award Winner

an image of Amanda Couve and Joseph Kotarba
Amanda Couve

AKD Leadership

an image of kenzie nasser


Kenzie Nasser