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Note from Director of Graduate Programs

The Texas State Department of Sociology offers four graduate degrees in sociology:  Master of Arts in Sociology, Master of Science in Applied Sociology, an interdisciplinary Master of Science in Dementia and Aging, and an interdisciplinary Master of Arts or Master of Science in Sustainability.  The Sociology and Applied Sociology degrees include extensive emphasis upon statistics and quantitative and qualitative research methods. 

Our graduate students work with highly trained graduate faculty who represent a variety of research specialties.  These include immigration, Latinx sociology, multicultural studies, race and ethnic relations, sociology of health, gender and sexuality, aging, dementia, community development, environmental sociology, urban sociology, political sociology, social movements, sociology of food, social stratification and inequality, criminology, deviance, sociology of religion, demography, street art and graffiti, foster care, and evaluation research. 

Deadlines for Admission to the Sociology Graduate Programs are July 15 for FALL applications, and October 15 for SPRING applications. If you are applying for FALL, the deadline for Financial Aid and Scholarships is in March. It is in your best interest to apply as soon as possible after January 1 in order to be eligible for various forms of financial aid, and Graduate Scholarships (due Feb. 1 of each year).

Dr. David Dietrich
Dr. David Dietrich, Director of Graduate Programs