Alliance of Researchers in Aging (ARIA)

Alliance of Researchers in Aging

Texas State University

The Alliance of Researchers in Aging (ARIA) is a group of Texas State researchers dedicated to aging and life course research. This group provides resources for research and practice, and facilitates networking opportunities among scholars in the field of aging.

Media Recognition

Texas Monthly, August 31, 2021: “Aging in the Right Place”

ARIA Member Research Labs

Dr. Rebecca Deason: Memory and Cognition Lab

Dr. Joni Mettler: Translational Neuromuscular Physiology Laboratory

Dr. Ranjini Mohan: NEUral Systems Research in Aging Lab (NEURAL)

Dr. Ann Hee Hiong Ngu: Personalized Watch-based Fall Risk Analysis and Detection with Cross Modal Learning

Dr. Carmen Westerberg: Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory


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Mira Ahn

Family & Consumer Sciences 

Valarie Fleming

Communication Disorders


Seoyoun Kim


Ranjini Mohan

Communication Disorders

Semih Aslan

Electrical Engineering

Olga Gerhart


Lindsay Kipp

Health & Human Performance 

Ann Hee Hiong Ngu

Computer Science

Xi Pan


Kyong Hee Chee


Denise Gobert 

Physical Therapy

Joseph Kotarba


Keya Sen

School of Health Administration

Rebecca Deason



Christopher Johnson


Joni Mettler

Health & Human Performance 

Primary Convener

Carmen Westerberg


The Department of Sociology is now displaying photos and text on…

“Compassion for the Elderly Through Music: A Sociological and Visual Portrait”

in the Faculty and Student Display case on fourth floor, UAC. This is a team project conducted by the students in Joe Kotarba’s graduate seminar in qualitative research methods in fall 2021. Our MSDA alum, Amanda Couve, served as design consultant. The exhibit was chosen by the Fine Arts Advisory Board to be displayed in the new Lair space at the LBJ Student Center this past semester. This project was designated a formal activity for the university’s Common Experience topic on “Compassion” for 2021-2022.


Area Agency on Aging of the Capital Area (AAACAP) serves older adults, people with disabilities and their caregivers with a variety of services and supports throughout the region.

Capital City Village is Austin's virtual community of seniors committed to aging in place - living in our own homes and communities comfortably - while maintaining healthy and active lifestyles.

The Price Center serves as a gathering place for stimulating cultural, social and intellectual opportunities for proposed inter-generational encounters, where the life experiences of our senior generation may be shared with the aspirations of those on their own life journey.