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Madison Tabersmith

Career Advisor
Texas State University

Madison Tabersmith As a Career Advisor with our Career Services team here on campus, I work to bridge the gap between employers and our brilliant and talented students. My primary function on our team consists of planning, executing, and evaluating the 20+ career fairs the we hold annually for our students and alumni. I also work with the Graduate College to assist in the development of specialized career programming for graduate students preparing to enter the workforce. In my “free time” I serve on the executive board of the Bobcat Pride Scholarship Fund, a private non-profit that assists LGBTQIA Texas State students with scholarships and emergency funding.
I absolutely loved my graduate school journey in the Department of Sociology. I gained amazing, lifelong friends and received top-notch mentoring from amazing faculty members. I constantly apply the lessons I learned in survey research, data analysis, diversity & inclusion, and public speaking that I gained in graduate school. I am confident that continuing my education was the best decision for my personal and professional development.
Danni Lopez-Rogina

Doctoral Student
University of Colorado at Boulder

Danni Lopez-Rogina The master’s program in Sociology at Texas State University is what enabled me to get to where I am today. The faculty and staff were always supportive and kind. Not only being a student there, but working with the department as well as a graduate teaching assistant strengthened my ability to work well with others, pursue my research interests, feel confident in the path I am following, and make resilient connections with others in academia. I was given a full ride to the PhD program at University of Colorado in Boulder and am 100% prepared to start the newest chapter of my life thanks to Texas State. I am continuing my research looking at the sociology of culture through music and film with the hopes of pushing the use of film as a teaching material in sociology in the United States.
Maggie Chamberlain Doctoral Student
Oklahoma State University
Maggie Chamberlain The curriculum and program structure for the Master of Arts in Sociology at Texas State provided a strong foundation for future academic pursuits. Coursework, mentorship from faculty/staff, access to information and resources about navigating an academic career and graduate school were invaluable to my development as a researcher and aspiring scholar. Finally, the departmental culture among faculty and staff to assist, encourage, and guide students really made Texas State feel like home. I am incredibly grateful to the department of Sociology, and am proud to count myself among our alumni.



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