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Dr. Bob Price

Dr. Bob Price

Office: UAC 455

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Dr. Bob Price got his B.A. from Texas Christian University, his M.A. from U.T. Arlington, and his Ph.D. from U.T. Austin, where he studied patterns of civic engagement in Texas. After graduating, he went to Chicago for four years to teach at Illinois Tech.  During that time, his research interests evolved in the direction of the sociology of technology.  Price is curious about the relationships between technologies and social institutions.  He is keenly interested in processes of rationalization and their possible consequences for democracy.  He is most pleased to be back in central Texas and teaching at Texas State.

Price is working on a book on the topic of "transformative technologies." That means technologies that have broad impacts on multiple social institutions once they are adopted by a society.  For instance, the adoption of the mechanical clock has made possible an entirely new sensibility regarding time and the scheduling of work and leisure.  Price is also exploring survey data relating to rationality and democratic participation.