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Dr. Chad L. Smith

Chad L. Smith is Professor and Chair in the Department of Sociology at Texas State University. He joined the faculty in the fall of 2004, served as Associate Chair from 2013-2015, and became department chair in 2015. Dr. Smith earned his B.A. in History at the University of Texas in 1993, an M.A. in History at Northern Arizona University in 2005, and a Ph.D. in Sociology at Washington State University in 2005.

Dr. Smith’s teaching and research interests include environmental sociology, quantitative methods, political sociology, militarism and social inequality. Dr. Smith is highly engaged in the Sustainability Studies program at Texas State University and enjoys discussing and researching issues related to society and the environment. He commonly teaching SOCI 3365: Society and Environment, SOCI 5368: Environmental Sociology, and SUST 5301: Sustainability Seminar.

His primary research agenda focuses upon the concept of the Treadmill of Destruction. The Treadmill of Destruction demonstrates both the expansionistic tendencies of the military and its associated negative consequences on the environment. He recently extended this work by exploring the threats posed by the military within the context of the war on drugs and how civilian and military nuclear applications influence carbon emissions. Dr. Smith also has a secondary line of research that focuses upon substance abuse issues and social inequality.


Peer-Reviewed Publications

Research on Militarism and the Treadmill of Destruction

Smith, Chad L., Gregory Hooks, and Michael Lengefeld. 2014. “The War on Drugs in Colombia: The Environment, the Treadmill of Destruction and Risk-Transfer Militarism.” Journal of World-Systems Research. 20(2): 182-203.

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Hooks, Gregory and Chad L. Smith. 2004. “The Treadmill of Destruction: National Sacrifice Areas and Native Americans.” American Sociological Review 69 (4): 558-575.

Research on Environmental Inequality and Sustainability

Smith, Chad L., Vince L. Lopes, and Frank Carrejo. 2011. “Recasting Paradigm Shift: ‘True’ Sustainability and Complex Systems.” Human Ecology Review 18(1): 67-74.

Smith, Chad L. 2009. “Economic Deprivation and Racial Segregation: Comparing Superfund Sites in Portland, Oregon and Detroit, Michigan.” Social Science Research 38(3): 681-692.

Smith, Chad L. 2007. “Economic Deprivation and Environmental Inequality in

Post-Industrial Detroit: A Comparison of Landfill and Superfund Sites.” Organization & Environment 20 (1): 25-43.

Research on Substance Abuse and Inequality

Pino, Nathan W., Hassan Tajali, Chad L. Smith, and William DeSoto. 2017. “Non-Medical Use of Prescription Drugs by College Students for Recreational and Instrumental Purposes: Assessing the Differences.” Journal of Drug Issues 47(4): 606-621.

DeSoto, William, Tajalli, Hassan, Smith, Chad L., and Nathan Pino. 2014. “College Students and Alcohol Use: A Test of Social Learning, Strain, and Acculturation Theories.” World Medical and Health Policy. 6(3): 262-279.

Akins, Scott, Chad L. Smith, and Clayton Mosher. 2010. “Pathways to Adult Substance Abuse Across Racial/Ethnic Groups: An Application of General Strain and Social Learning Theories.” Journal of Drug Issues 40(2): 321-352.

Akins, Scott, Clayton Mosher, Chad L. Smith, and Jane Florence Gauthier. 2008. “The Effect of Acculturation on Patterns of Hispanic Substance Use in Washington State.” Journal of Drug Issues 38(1): 103-118.


Here is a link to Dr. Smith’s CV:

Chad L. Smith CV


If you are interested in graduate programs in sustainability studies and/or environmental sociology please check out the links below and feel free to drop by and talk to Dr. Smith about graduate studies in environmental sociology.

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