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Dr. Debarun Majumdar

Dr. Debarun MajumdarOffice: UAC 473 
Phone: 512.245.2479

I received my undergraduate degree in Architecture and Planning from the Indian Institute of Technology (1992), master's in Geography and Planning from the University of Toledo (1996), and Ph.D. in Sociology from Bowling Green State University. My areas of interest are demography and quantitative methods. I like to understand societies and cultures from a global perspective and I strive to bring different points of view to my classes.  My multidisciplinary background has enhanced the appreciation of Sociology and has broadened my horizons.  Some of the classes I teach on a regular basis are Applied Data Analysis, Advanced Social Statistics, and Population Dynamics.

My research, thus far, has primarily been on issues related to adolescent health. Specifically, I have examined social factors that affect risky sexual behaviors in adolescents.

Other than academics, I enjoy traveling, cooking, music, hiking and biking, and reading political blogs.


Examples of scholarly works:

Majumdar, Debarun and Gloria P. Martínez-Ramos. 2012. “The Impact of Immigration-related Challenges and Deportation Worries on the Well-being of Latinos in the U.S.” Camino Real 4(7): 95-114. 

Majumdar, Debarun. 2006. “An Overview of the Recent Trends in AIDS in the United States.” Indian Journal of Public Health 50(1): 28-30.



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