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Faculty Grants

External Grants



Chee, Kyong Hee (PI). January 2012. Head Start Program Community Needs Assessment 2012. Community Action, Inc. of Central Texas. $3,600.

Kotarba, Joseph, Debarun Majumdar, and Bob Price. (Co-PIs). 2012-2013. Diversity in the Board Room: A White Paper. Funded by the Texas Healthcare Trustees, Texas Hospital Association. $2,500.

Kotarba, Joseph (PI). 2012-2013. An Evaluation and Needs Assessment of Human Services Delivery. Funded by the City of San Marcos, Texas. $41,000.

Kotarba, Joseph (PI). 2012-2014. A Qualitative Evaluation of the Translational Science Project, UTMB. Funded by the Institute for Translational Science and the National Institutes of Health. $8,000.

Kotarba, Joseph (PI). 2013-2014. Symbolic Interactionist Takes on Music. The Couch-Stone Symposium. Funded by the Society for the Study of Symbolic Interaction, the Couch Family, and other sources. $15,000. 

Kotarba, Joseph (PI). 2014. Analysis of the 2-1-1 Texas Information and Referral Network Website and Area Information Center data. Funded by the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs. $52,400.

Kotarba, Joseph (PI). 2014-2015. Western States Arts Federation Music Summit. Funded by WSAFMS. $3,400.

Kotarba, Joseph (PI). 2015-2016. An Evaluation of the Wimberley Community Library District. Funded by the Wimberley Community Library District. $5,000.

Kotarba, Joseph (PI) and Jonathan Wivagg (Co-PI). 2015-2016. A Needs Assessment for Texas Military Veterans. Funded by the Texas Veterans Commission. $93,219.

Norton, Christine, and Watt, Toni Terling (Co-Principal Investigator). 2011-2013. Foster Care Alumni Creating Educational Success (FACES) program and evaluation. Funded by TG Public Benefits Program. $90,067.

Watt, Toni Terling. 2012-2013. Evaluation Consultant for Hogg Foundation Integrated Health Grantees. Funded by the Mental Health America of Greater Houston. $6,000.

Watt, Toni Terling. 2012-2015. Evaluation Research for Integrated Behavioral Health Care Phase II: Fort Bend Family Health Center and Physicians at Sugar Creek. Funded by The George Foundation. $37,830.

Watt, Toni Terling. 2014. Evaluation of Harris County Protective Services Integrated Behavioral Health Implementation Grant. Funded by the Hogg Foundation for Mental Health. $32,052.

Watt, Toni Terling (PI), Appel, Louis, Rosell, Robin, Seremetis, Laurie. 2014-2017. Integrated Behavioral Health Care and Early Childhood: Designing and Evaluating a Primary Care Based Program to Mitigate the Effects of Toxic Stress on Children’s Social and Emotional Development. Funded by the Meadows Mental Health Policy Institute. $187,387.

Watt, Toni Terling (PI). 2015-2019. Advancing Peer Support in Integrated Health Care Evaluation. Funded by the Hogg Foundation for Mental Health. $80,584.

Watt, Toni (PI). 2016-2017. Evaluation of Harris County Protective Services’ Integrated Behavioral Health Program. Harris County Protective Services. $13,496.