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Message from the Chair

Welcome to the website for the Department of Sociology at Texas State University.  I thank you for visiting and I want to introduce you to our department and programs.


The faculty in the Department of Sociology are dedicated to providing the highest quality education to both our undergraduate and graduate students.  We are well known for our student-centered focus and our ability to work closely with students in achieving their academic goals.  Our programs tackle the big questions facing complex, modern social systems, while also supplying our students with an array of practical skills that can be applied to a wide-ranging set of work settings.


The sociology faculty engage in cutting-edge research on some of society’s most pressing issues including health, aging and dementia, globalization, inequality, and sustainability and the environment.  Our faculty are leaders in their fields and are recognized for their important contributions to sociological knowledge.


At both the undergraduate and graduate levels we offer educational opportunities enabling our students to embrace their “sociological imagination.”  These educational opportunities center upon our undergraduate and graduate programs in Sociology.  These include our B.A. in Sociology and B. S. in Applied Sociology. Our B.S. in Applied Sociology degree is an award-winning program that offers students a unique opportunity to complete an internship as part of their degree requirement.  The M.A. in Sociology and the M.S. in Applied Sociology degrees afford students an opportunity to attain a graduate degree that positions graduates for real-world employment success or prepares them for additional graduate study, such as Ph.D. programs.  Our alumni, from both undergraduate and graduate programs, lead successful lives as leaders in their chosen work or educational pursuits.


Additionally, we offer two interdisciplinary degrees at the master’s level.  We offer an M.S. in Dementia and Aging Studies, the only degree of its kinds in the United States, and the M.A./M.S. in Sustainability Studies.  Both degrees provide a great opportunity to explore interdisciplinary subject matter in fields that are growing in importance as academic fields, but also demonstrating increased demand in the workforce.


Again, I thank you for visiting our departmental webpage and I hope you enjoy exploring what we have to offer.  If you wish to learn more about the department, I encourage you to contact or visit us.


Chad L. Smith

Professor and Chair

Dr. Chad L. Smith
Dr. Chad L. Smith, Professor and Chair