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Sociology Graduate Student Association

Our Mission

The Sociology Graduate Student Association (SGSA) provides Sociology Graduate Students and Graduate Minors with a supportive cohort of individuals seeking professional development and socialization in the discipline.

Selection for membership in SGSA is based on holding graduate student status with a Major or Minor in Sociology or Applied Sociology. Members must be in good standing with the University.


SGSA offers peer-mentoring opportunities for graduate students, and graduate/undergraduate mentorship groups for Sociology majors and minors.

Academic Success

SGSA assists in the facilitation of weekly writing meetings, GRE study sessions, Comprehensive Exam preparation, and "thesis bootcamp" sessions.

Professional Development

SGSA posts updates on upcoming conferences and publishing opportunities, assists with career preparation, mock interviews, and PhD applications.


SGSA hosts guest lectures, coordinates fun social events including recruitment events, game nights and activities with Sociology Club


Dues are $10/semester for all SGSA members. As a member, you will have the opportunity to engage in a number of fundraising opportunities for the organization (including the SGSA Graduate Department Scholarship) and participate in a number of leadership roles. Officers in the SGSA serve as official representatives of the organization, and are elected. Each officer has an equal leadership in the organization, and a voting position in SGSA council.

Contact Information


TRACS: Added when you join SGSA

Bi-Monthly Meetings: UAC 474, dates on TRACS