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2019 College of Liberal Arts Outstanding Students

2019 College of Liberal Arts Outstanding Students

Gloria Martinez
Lois Hickman, Dr. Giuffre, and Michael Whitehawk

Congratulations to Professor Lois Hickman and Dr. Patti Giuffre who are celebrating 20 years of service at Texas State and Professor Michael Whitehawk who celebrates over 10 years!

Lillian Dees

One of our outstanding alums, Jessica Martone, stopped by and did a guest presentation for Professor Dee's class!

Jessica graduated in 2017 with a BS in Applied Sociology.

Dr. Gloria Martinez

Thank you, Dr. Gloria Martinez

For talking about the new Latina/o Studies minor at the Hispanic Students Welcome Reception

Latina/o Studies Flyer

New for Fall 2018

The Latinx Studies Minor will enrich students' learning about cultural pluralism and various interdisciplinary perspectives in Latinx studies